Structure 100% open cell polyurethane foam
Size (W) 720mm x (L)420mm Thickness: 120mm
Pillowcase materials Tencel, amicor, polyester blend
Pillowcase color
Pillow color Cream
Country of origin Italy


As people spend approximately one-third of their lives sleeping, poor sleep is one of the greatest enemies of a healthy life. The origins of good health lie in being well-rested. The Mille Fori pillow is perfect for the many of you who are choosy about your pillow.
I recommend the Mille Fori to anyone who suffers from stiff shoulders, back pain, headaches, or pinched nerves and who has sought medical treatment to no avail.
People produce approximately one liter of sweat while sleeping. When that sweat cools, your neck, shoulders, and the back of your head get chilled, resulting in a restless sleep. This can also lead to a stroke or brain hemorrhage.
The Mille Fori pillow's case is highly absorbent, including padding with strong bounce back, and the parts which touch the shoulder and back of the head are incredibly breathable. As such, it stops your neck from tightening up, your shoulders and lower back from feeling heavy, and prevents a variety of other symptoms. Sound sleep leads to a fresh morning, and it is the source of maintaining a comfortable everyday life. I promise that if you use the Mille Fori pillow, you will wake up each morning refreshed and see its value.

Osamu Aoyagi, Head of Aoyagi Painless Acupuncture
Director of the Meguro Acupuncture & Moxibustion Association

Mille Fori Pillow Environmental Temperature and Foam Hardness


Testing method JIS K 6400-2 Method A: 2004 standards
Test piece 380x380x51mm (Side with the larger holes face up)
N=1 one trial at each temperature, total of four trials
Compressibility 40%
Pressure base Plate of 20cm in diameter
Environmental temperature 5 degrees 10 20 30
23 30 27 30

Mille Fori pillow rebound ability

復元率グラフ Greatly exceeded the standards for high quality urethane foam (94%)

Testing method JIS K 6400-2 Method A: 2004 standards
Number of trials 80,000 times
Test piece
100x100x51mm (Side with the larger holes face up)
Before testing 100
After testing 98.1
Standard value 94

Standard value…Standards set by the Japan Urethane Foam Association for high quality urethane foam

*Testing agency: KAKEN TEST CENTER's Living Products Testing Center

Internal temperature changes for the Mille Fori pillow

There is only a small change in internal temperature.

Added weight 4.8kg (one book + two 1.5L plastic bottles)
Measured by inserting the external sensor of an infrared thermometer with said sensor.
Part measured: Inserted sensor horizontally (10cm) at a location approximately 2cm below the book.
Silicon rubber heater with temperature controller (10x10cm)
A temperature sensor was placed underneath the heater.
Set temperature range (38-40 ℃)

Time/increase in temperature (℃)

Mille Fori pillow Company pillow
Generic product
0 0 0 0
15 2.1 5.4 1.1
30 3.6 6.3 3.8
45 4.1 7.2 5.6
60 4.9 7.7 7.1
75 5.1 8.2 7.3
90 5.2 8.7 7.8
105 5.4 9 8.3
120 5.5 9.2 8.6
0.054 0.054 0.078
Density 53 45 -

* Data as measured by the Company